Center for Research and Learning (CRL)
Report 2018 – 2019


The aim of CRL is to promote research culture among teachers and students. Research, updating knowledge, enhancing teaching skills and personality etc are to be taken care of by this cell.

Team Members

Amitha Joseph (Convener), Dhanya Job, Resmi K.R., Shibu Abraham, Anumol K. George, Merrin Geordie, Aneesh Thankachan, Prasanth P.

Program Calendar

The CRL presentation will be conducted on 2nd Thursdays of every month during the Enrichment hour. It is decided that one teaching staff and two students from the respective department should take a session on a relevant topic and they have to submit a full-fledged paper on their topic. The time allotted for staff is 15 minutes and for students is 10 minutes. The representatives of CRL team from each department should ensure that the students and staff in their department must have made presentations on the topics chosen by them on the scheduled date. Certificates are given for teachers and students who presented papers. There will be a moderator for handling the session.

Program Details

The program charts of CRL by different departments and papers presented are recorded in separate document.


The CRL activities for the academic year 2018 – 2019 witnessed an enthusiastic and combined effort from both faculties and students. CRL in the coming academic year would like to ensure more student participation and enhanced research quality through better outreach platforms and research workshops.